Audio / Video Sermons


"Salvation through Fear of God" - Sermon (Video/Mal/Eng)
"Knowing Jesus" - Bible Study -  (Video/Malayalam)
Pastor M.O. Samuel
"The Battle is not our's, but God's"  (Video/English)
"Holding on to What We Have Heard" (Video/Mal./Eng)

"Necessity of Abiding in Christ"  (Video/English)
Pastor K.J. Kuriakose
The Fall of Saul 
Living a Holy Life 
God's Workmanship 
The Way of the Cross
Building up Your Faith (Video)

 Pastor Thomas Mathew

"My grace is sufficient for thee"  (Mal./Eng.) video  
Prepare the Way for The Lord Rev. P.C.Jacob
Psalms 111     " "
Remove The Stone from Your Life  

 " "

The Parables of The Lost  

 " "

Tabernacle( in Malayalam)    Pastor K.C. John
Exaltation (Malayalam / English)    Pastor K. Joy
Paul's Christian Life (Mal./Eng.)  K. I. Varughese
The Earth will be Filled with His Glory (Eng.)video   Jerry Varughese
Thirst for Jesus (Malayalam)  Pastor Charls Joesph
The Darkness of Sin

 Pastor Simon Philip